Safe & Sound

The invisible fence around your home

Safe & Sound is a photo electric perimeter beam that can simply cross your garden, or surround your property. When the (invisible) beam is broken, it sounds a chime inside your home.


The Safe & Sound OAX is battery powered, so it doesn’t require an electrical supply, meaning you don’t have to run any cables out to the system.


It’s high-quality and error-free. Birds won’t usually set it off due to the matrix of beams it uses, and it’s placed high enough off the ground to avoid foxes and cats.


It works 24 hours a day in all weathers - alerting you to someone on your property. Team it up with our Koov system to sound an alarm - frightening off any intruders.


Trust us, once you’ve installed it, you won’t want to be without it! We will call once a year to test the system, clean the receivers, and change the batteries (if necessary).


TPR11B (requires 240v power on one end of the system) £199.00 (11 metres maximum gap)

OAX100TFR (battery powered) £350.00 (30 metres maximum gap)

Installation £99.00

Systems include all components


Please note that we operate in and around the Reading, Berkshire area for installation and service. But if you want to purchase one of our systems to install yourself (really easy)...


All prices include delivery.

Contact us on info@tebe.co.uk and we’ll send you a system.


Need us to install it for you? It’s just £99.00

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